Cystoscopy #7

Today is Monday. Last Thursday, I had another cystoscopy exam. Surprisingly, Surgeon found nothing! I thought sure something would be growing again. I just knew it, you know.

Which is good! This is what we have been shooting for since a year and three-fourths ago. This coming Thanksgiving will be two years into the project and I am happy to say that everything bladder-wise is working out great! Because of this, I sincerely feel that prayer is a positive effort. Especially if you are a child of God. He does listen to our concerns. Moreover, following your doctor’s directions are helpful. (Take all of your medications, don’t skip procedures, and think that a problem will go away. Left alone, problems only grow into bigger problems. Pay attention to your body. It will tell you things.)

With that said, on Tuesday, August 26th, I will go under the knife again for my prostate removal. I talked about this in my last post (Prostate Biopsy Results). Again, Surgeon is confident the procedure will go off without a hitch. I’m counting on his confidence.

Again, I would appreciate any and all prayers concerning the procedure. Surgery should start around 7 a.m. I’m first in the chute. I know my Christian brothers and sisters will come through for me. As will God in His Almightiness and Omniscience.

Final Result: Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy is up at bat. Hit me a homerun, Surgeon!


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