Urology Consult #3 & Cystoscopy #4

Well, well, well. It’s been awhile since I’ve had anything to say. Nothing since June 2013. Sorry, but I’ve gotta change that.

Two weeks ago, I had another consultation with Doc, the person in charge of kidneys. He said the total amount of stone fragments I passed after the first ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) did not equal the known size of the kidney stone. Ergo, another ESWL procedure is due. This will be done this coming Monday (Septenber 9, 2013). I spent two hours in the urology clinic to hear this. Oh, they did other necessary things, too: another urine sample (duh!), and another physical, which included taking my blood pressure and temperature, listening to my lungs and heart, and endless questions. All for my good, of course.

Then I walked over to Pre-Admission Testing (PAT). Here I filled out more papers (again), got informed about more of the hospital’s good qualitys (I work there! I already know about them), payed my co-pay, more blood work got drawn (lavender-, green-, and red-topped tubes for CBC with Platelet and a comprehensive chemistry battery). Oh, another EKG, too. Another two hours for that. Again, all for my good.

A week after the above, I had Cystoscopy #4 with Surgeon, the person in charge of cutting out any bladder tumors. Whoops, he found one! As soon as the ‘scope entered my bladder, bingo, at the roof of the bladder, hung another tumor. Again, this one was tiny (about two centimeters in diameter), but not tiny enough to take care of in clinic. Whereas the first tumor got described as a “double-tufted mulberry bush,” this one was a single-tuft. Again, like the first one, it had a pale-pink, washed-out color, it’s structure appeared filamentous, and unhealthy looking. Although this time, there was no necrotic tissue leaking red blood cells. All in all, it looked like a small, decorative bush in someone’s flowerbed.

But not in my flowerbed! We’re gonna cut that sucker out! (Friday, Septenber 20, 2013).

Please bear in mind, this is par for the course, according to both Doc and Surgeon. When this coming Thanksgiving rolls around, my treatments will pass the one year mark. At the beginning of all this, both doctors estimated two years before any real progress is expected.

Final Results: another “shocking” treatment to go through (the EWSL, which is considered surgery, so I’ll be asleep [good!]; and more cutting [more sleep!]). I just hope and pray another Foley catheter is not needed after the cutting. Geez!

This is what I live for. Fun, fun, fun in the warm Florida sun!

Again as always, any and all prayers for safe surgery are welcome.


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