Cystoscopy #3

Today I had Cystoscopy Exam #3. I’m getting so used to this procedure that there is no longer any anxiety. Geez! What am I going to talk about now?

I guess I’ll get right to the point: Surgeon found nothing at all! I made sure he looked everywhere. I even asked him how he saw the front-interior of the bladder, the area where the cystoscope enters. He executed a Reflexive move (or something that sounded much the same) and the screen showed the cystoscope tubing where it entered my bladder! The view exposed an area I’d never seen before. Surgeon glibly talked on, explaining how he could move the camera around in any direction. I lost track of what bladder surface we were viewing. It all looked the same to me: healthy (!); a soft, off-white threaded with brick-red capillaries. (Since they are dark red, they are veins, returning blood to the heart. Oops, sorry for the science lesson.)

Satisfied, Surgeon slid out the ‘scope. It’s easier going out than in.

“So, Mr. New, looking good, very good! Things are proceeding like I thought they would.”

He grinned at me. I grinned back.

“Now,” Surgeon continued, “because we didn’t find any tumor growths this time, you get some time off. I understand you have a Urology visit with Doc next month, correct?”


“Great, so three months from today, we’ll schedule another cysto exam for you followed by three more BCG treatments three months after that, providing everything goes as I expect. How’s that sound?”

Surgeon is all smiles. ‘Course, I smile too. Let’s see, its June 2013 now. I have a Urology visit in July followed by another cysto exam in September. After that, there will be three BCGs in December—unless I need them after the next cysto. Wait a minute! Stay positive, Rich! Go with Surgeon’s assessment! I will get them in December—yes, gotta stay focused on the correct path. Okay, sounds like smooth sailing. Don’t rock the boat, buddy.

“Sounds excellent, Surgeon. And thanks for all the work you and your team have done!”

Surgeon waves away the compliment. “Glad to help. But you’ve done all the work by responding splendidly to treatment, Mr. New. See you in three months.”

Well, I think God and prayers from friends and family have something to do with my healing too. I mean, unlike science, faith is not something we can measure or analyze. Yet, I think God’s power and abilities are at work within me. I cannot prove it, but I believe it. That’s why it’s called faith: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. [Hebrews 11:1, KJV] Make no mistake, I’m not exactly enjoying the pathway God has planted me on, but I’m following it as best I can. More prayers, please. And my thanks to everyone who is doing so.

Final Results: Clean and healthy with more fun to follow in three and six months.


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