BCG Treatment #6

Wahoo times two! I show up at the Clinic like usual, pass through the normal readiness steps, PA 2 places the catheter, and the Dipstick reacts negative for Nitrates and Leukocytes again! That’s three treatments in a row!


“How do you feel, Mr. New?” says PA 2.

“Oh, fine. No problems.”

“Are you still taking the antibiotics?” She hooks up the BCG bottle, holds it higher than my bladder, and we both watch it drain into me.

“Yes, I am. There are about sixteen left. Good for another seven or eight days worth.”

“Make sure you stay on schedule, okay?”

“Will do. Even with this last Treatment, I’ll continue taking the pills until they run out. Thirty days worth of antibiotics should kill off the Enterobacter.”

PA 2 smiles. “It should.”

She finishes the BCG treatment at 4 pm and I leave for home. First pee-time is 6 pm.

Final Results: I have received the final BCG Treatment! That is six Treatments in nine weeks. After this comes a scheduled meeting with Doc in February. Another cystoscopy up my urethra for a look-see inside the bladder is scheduled for March. Somewhere along there, I’ll find out about cracking the stone—and having to pass the pieces. Yeah, more fun follows. At least for now, I get a reprieve from weekly visits (and catheters!) at the Urology Clinic.


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