Return for BCG Treatment #4

It’s Thursday again. Three pm. Clock out time. Once again, I make my way over to the Urology Clinic for the second attempt at administering BCG Treatment Number 4.

I hope this does not turn out as another dry run. I’m getting tired of this every-other-week nonsense.

“Hi, Mr. New,” said Front Desk. “I’ll let Tech 2 know you’re here. Take a seat.”

I take a seat in the common waiting area. By now, I know that Tech 2 is finishing her current project with another patient. More likely, she’s been waiting for acknowledgement that I’ve arrived. While I wait, I know she’s reconstituting the BCG vial and getting other items ready.

“Mr. New!” says Surgeon, all smiles and grins. “I’d just like to touch base with you to let you know we haven’t forgotten about the kidney stone. After you finish all the treatments, we’ll proceed to take care of that. Okay?”

“Sure thing, doc.” Oh yeah, more fun times painfully passing fractured calcium deposits.

“Mr. New,” calls Tech 2, “come on back. How are you feeling today?”

“Oh, okay. I just hope today isn’t another false start. Know what I mean?”

She nods her head. “I certainly understand. The way things have been going with you, it’s taking twice as long as usual to get you all the treatments. I know that can be frustrating.”

Well, at least she understands. I cannot hold that against her or the Clinic. Besides, they have rules to follow. Since Surgeon put me back on the same antibiotics as before (the Sulfameth-Trimethoprim), any side effect from its use has been negligible. An irregular heartbeat was one of the major items Surgeon was concerned about and I’ve had no indications such a thing has happened to me.

Tech 2 ushers me into The Chair room. “You know the procedure, Mr. New. I’ll be right back.”

She leaves and I change into the familiar hospital garb. The room becomes drafty.

There is a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Tech 2 re-enters and we proceed through the now all-to-familiar ritual.

“So what does the Dipstick show?”

Tech 2 holds it up while watching her clock.

“Coming up on one minute,” she glances at the usual suspect reaction pads, “and we have negative on both Nitrates and Leukocytes! We can proceed.”

She beams a smile at me. I reflect it back at her.

Final Results: I’m on my way home after BCG Treatment #4 is delivered. It’s two hours to pee time. I have two more weeks of twice-a-day antibiotic dosing. Maybe the next two Treatments will come and go with no problems. I hope so.

As I finish writing the above, another seven days have passed. Today is once again, Thursday. The date is January 24, 2013. I have another treatment this afternoon, which will be Treatment #5. I hope it goes smoothly.


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