BCG Treatment #2

It is Thursday again, two days past Christmas.

I do my usual eight-hour shift, clock out, and head over to the Urology Clinic. I go through the same registering in procedure as every previous time, and then take the stairs to the second floor.

“Hello, Mr. New.” This is one of the Front Desk crew.

“Hi. Here’s my paperwork. Would you let PA know I’m here?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Thanks, FD.” I take a seat, open my fiction novel, and devour another five pages.

“Mr. New.”

I glance up. “Hi there, PA.” I close the book, stand, and follow her to The Chair room. Piled on the nearby plastic chair are the gown, booties, and mask. The table with the BCG paraphernalia stands nearby. All waiting for me. Lovely.

“Be right back, Mr. New. Go ahead and undress.”

I go through the ritual and I am ready when PA returns. I resign myself to my fate.

“How goes the antibiotics? Oh, by the way, the same bug, Enterobacter aerogenes, showed positive for growth on the second C&S.”

“Figures. I’ve got about three days worth of pills left.”

“Good. Make sure you take all of them according to the schedule.”

“Will do.” I am agreeable. After all, judging from the first time, the longer I am on the stronger antibiotics, this is better for me, but deadlier for the Enterobacter. Or so goes the theory.

After three iodine swabs, ten milliliters of numbing jelly, and two minutes by the clock, PA slips in the French 16 catheter.

“Say, PA, what happens if the UTI is still present? Can we continue the antibiotic dosage for the entire BCG treatment?”

“Well, the bug might mutate to another form that is resistant to the current antibiotic, Mr. New. Anytime that happens, it makes the bug more resistant to any current drug. That makes everyone’s job more difficult.”

“But with the bug under control, why not switch the antibiotic weekly between the two? Wouldn’t that keep the bug confused?”

“Possibly, Mr. New. However, we do have rules to follow. Sorry.”

And, yes, pressure followed by pressure.

“And we have urine flow. Guess I did it right, hunh, Mr. New?”

“Sure hope so.”

PA grins at me through our plastic shields. She looks back down between my legs.

“One minute and there is negative reaction to Nitrates and Leukocytes on the Dipstick. Yes!”

“Yes!” I echo. “So, I get Treatment Number Two?”

“You betcha. And here it is, I’m connecting it to the catheter now.”

We both watch it drain in.

“Removing the catheter and you’re free to go, Mr. New. Remember the rules and you have a good weekend. Happy New Year.”

“You too, PA. See you next year.”

Final Result: Treatment Number Two done. Three more days to pop antibiotics, and Happy New Year!


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